“Which is the Best Accounting Software in Singapore?
And how should I choose for my Business?”

There are more than 100 accounting software in Singapore. Some are created by local company, but some are from foreign company. Regardless the origin of the company, below are the FIVE considerations you need to know before your choose your accounting software for your company or business:


Does it recognized by Singapore government, especially IRAS for tax submission? Does it GST compliant? Is it globally recognized especially dealing with overseas clients or suppliers?

Business type & size

Which business industry are you in & how big is your company?


How much is the software? Is there after-sales services, training & maintenance costs included in the package.


Is the accounting software easy to learn? Multi-language support? Is there a on-site services for you?

Updates & Customization

How often do program updates & how customizable is the system to meet your business needs?

To ease your hassle, we have compile a report of Top 10 Accounting Software Singapore for you including the considerations mentioned above.