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IRAS Accounting Software Register Compliant

Reach Technologies Pte Ltd is proud to announce that their software are compliant with the latest IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority Singapore) requirement.

The Company’s accounting software and ERP software are approved by IRAS from 1st March 2014 to 28th February 2015. They are listed in the IRAS’ Accounting Software Register.

Reach Technologies Ushers in the New Year!

Reach Technologies Ushers in the New Year! 恭喜发财!We’re proud of our website’s makeover! While most of us are busy preparing for the Lunar New Year by spring cleaning and buying new clothes and furniture for ourselves, Reach Technologies Asia has decided to get into the mood as well. We’d love to help your business get […]

Success Story of Teck Seng Group

A Singapore-based SME with a strong local presence of more than70 years “I am very happy with the results of Kingdee’s K/3 ERP System. I should say that my decision to purchase this software has been a good one. Besides, Kingdee’s servicing team did an excellent job all the way from implementation, down to staging […]


Software training for SMEs – Featured in TODAY, August 18 2011

SINGAPORE — Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) typically lag their multinational counterparts in technology adoption, as they have fewer resources and less access to capital. But help is on the way.

The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s SME Information and Resource Centre (SIRC@SCCCI) has teamed up with Kingdee International Software to set up a training programme for SMEs.

Up to two training programmes will be held every month at the SIRC@SCCCI at 47 Hill Street and some 500 SMEs are expected to benefit from this collaboration.