Success Story of DPEX Worldwide Express (S) Pte Ltd

DPEX Worldwide Express
Singapore-based E-commerce Express Service Provider Specialist  


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Company Name                                                             Industry
DPEX Worldwide Express (S) Pte Ltd                          Logistics and Supply Chain

Location                                                                            Kingdee Solution
Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou            Kingdee K/3 Finance


Company Challenges

  • Requires an ERP solution that can cater for both English and Chinese language options
  • System compliance with Chinese statutory and accounting requirements
  • Requires a flexible ERP software with room to grow in the future
  • High maintenance cost on the previous ERP software


Business Benefits

  • An ERP software that enhanced decision making capabilities through more accurate and timely information
  • Accelerate expansion into regional markets for continued business growth
  • Support multiple languages and multiple locations
  • Safe guard data security and information

DPEX uses Kingdee ERP system to drive business growth.

“We are very happy with the Kingdee solution, both from the standpoint of the project implementation and in terms of the quality of the system. It has been a close collaboration and effective communication process that made the tight timeline achievable!”                

                                    – Soon Yang San, Finance and Admin Director, DPEX Worldwide Express Pte Ltd


DPEX Worldwide Express (S) Pte Ltd is an established service provider in the Express and E-Commerce industry, headquartered in Singapore. DPEX has a total staff strength of 203, with subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. DPEX’s principal activities involve freight forwarding and courier servers for customers in the B2B and B2C sectors. DPEX also has an alliance of network partners across Asia, in countries like China, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

With a history dating 30 years and a comprehensive network spanning the region, DPEX has extensive local and regional knowledge to serve into and throughout Asia. DPEX is widely acknowledged as “Knowing Asia Delivering Asia”. From Asia to the world, DPEX serves through their global partners in all the regions. With the huge potential growth of E-Commerce in Asia, DPEX Worldwide Express is positioned and poised to be the leading total solutions provider in the region.

DPEX carries various services that cater to the vast spectrum of business needs of its clientele. Their services include but are not limited to ‘Express Service’ for Worldwide delivery of urgent documents, parcel and freight, ‘Super Box Service’ that provides cost effective solutions for less urgent and heavier shipments to selected worldwide destinations, ‘Import Express Service’ for fast and reliable door-to-door service to import goods from overseas.

Business Needs

Kingdee K/3 ERP Software was brought in to replace DPEX’s previous ERP system. One of the key reasons for this change was due to the high maintenance cost of the former system. Kingdee K/3 ERP software has a reasonable price tag as compared to other ERP softwares of the same range in the market. For that reason, DPEX was looking for an ERP software that is cost-effective for both project implementation and annual maintenance support, without compromising on the quality of the software.

DPEX had an existing operation system with dedicated teams to support its vertically integrated business, but had yet to integrate these capabilities seamlessly into their back-end financial system. DPEX’s management team believed the value proposition ERP solutions set forth would greatly support its key competencies.

DPEX required a software that supports three language options to cater for their staff across different entities/countries e.g. users in China (Simplified Chinese), users in Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese) and users in Singapore (English). One of DPEX goals for selecting its ERP solution was to seek a package that is designed for small and medium sized businesses in China, and also at the same time is compliant with Singapore’s accounting and tax standards.

One of the main considerations for the selection process is to ensure that the ERP software is user-friendly and able to complete project implementation within a tight timeline. DPEX wanted software that is easy-to-use for their users yet powerful enough to provide high-level information needed to perform data analysis and fulfil reporting requirements.

The Kingdee K/3 ERP Solution

During the shortlisting of ERP vendors, DPEX took into consideration Reach Technologies Pte Ltd’s vast knowledge of system integration with other 3rd party systems. Reach Technologies’ Consultants were well-equipped with training skills for Chinese-speaking users in China, Hong Kong and English-speaking users in Singapore.  The system supports three system interface languages in English and Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

DPEX purchased Kingdee K/3 Finance module including Account Receivable, Account Payable, General Ledger, Report Writer and Fixed Assets with integration functionality to their existing operations, consignment notes, billing and tracking system. With the highly-customizable Kingdee K/3 ERP Software, DPEX was able to cut down processing time with the integration for import of Sales and Purchase documents between their existing operation systems and K/3 ERP System. Productivity among DPEX’s users increased significantly with the automation of E-Statement of Accounts to their specified customer groups.

K/3 ERP System’s Financial Reporting sub-module assisted users to create different templates of reports for management reporting, both internal or external usage. The Report Writer is easy to use, and users were able to customize and create their own report templates.

Reach Technologies Pte Ltd has offices across Singapore and Malaysia with their own R&D team based locally, which gave DPEX assurance of efficient problem resolution where necessary.


When the project started in July 2015, it took only four months for the project with multiple databases to ‘go-live’ across Singapore, Hong Kong and China. DPEX was pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly and smoothly it took for the new system to finish the implementation process. DPEX gave Reach Technologies a tight timeline to complete the project. Issues were swiftly handled and resolved to ensure that the committed project ‘Go-Live’ date was not compromised. Close collaboration and effective communication process were carried out to make this short timeframe achievable. The synergy between DPEX Project Team and Reach Technologies Implementation Team also contributed greatly to successfully achieving this timeline.

“Reach Technologies’ team of consultants  were a tremendous support in the area of analysis of the current business processes to find an effective way to migrate and integrate existing processes into the K/3 ERP System. “

  • Soon Yang San, Finance and Admin Director, DPEX Worldwide Express (S) Pte Ltd

With Reach Technologies’ Consultants’ great product knowledge and vast experience in project implementation, they were able to propose the best practice solutions for DPEX. The consultant was able to give effective workarounds to aid DPEX in maximizing performance.

DPEX has greatly benefitted from the customized data import function due to the nature of their business where transactions were voluminous. With the global rising awareness on environmental responsibilities, the usage of electronic Statement of Account was one way where DPEX has embraced environmental sustainability and used it to their advantage.

As a result of the successful collaboration between DPEX and Reach Technologies, DPEX now has a sophisticated platform that provides seamless interface between their K/3 ERP System, back-end billing and courier operations rating system.

“We are pleased with the result and happy to have an IT integrated solutions service provider like Reach Technologies,” said Ms Soon.

Success Story of Vega Pte Ltd


We are an audio visual company called Vega Pte Ltd, and have been opened for business since 2010. Two people in our 30-strong company currently use the Kingdee KIS Business V2.1 for over a year now. We were looking for an accounting software to generate our invoices, POs, DOs, quarterly GST, monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, so we looked up the IRAS website and found this extremely user friendly software.  We love it because it is so simple to generate all the reports that our management requires in a short period of time which makes us more efficient. We did not use any accounting software prior to Kingdee KIS Business V2.1, and we were pleasantly surprised by how user friendly the layout was, and could be mastered after a few times after using the software.



This was a big leap from doing manual accounting, because it really helped us in handling our year end accounts and audits more efficiently as well as generate the quarterly GST submission in a shorter period of time as compared to when we were not using the software.vega2

We felt that it was easier to print invoices and DOs. We have become more efficient in issuing DOs, POs and invoices as compared to when we did our accounts manually, which makes us more productive as well. Errors in calculating profit and loss have drastically decreased, and our balance sheet is much more accurate. Reach Tech consultants were extremely helpful in the sense that they were able to answer all our questions on the usability of the software, as well as did a clear demonstration on how to use the software well. This software is very comprehensive and has many features which is perfect for smaller companies like ours, and definitely makes our lives’ easier due to the smaller amount of manpower that we have.


Success Story of 3E Concept Pte Ltd


We are 3E Concept Pte Ltd, a company offering interior design and renovations services. We are located at Oxley Biz hub at Ubi, and have an annual revenue of approximately one million dollars. We have been using Kingdee KIS Business V2.1(which we found on the Accounting Software Register of IRAS website) for about a year ago, and find that this software is much more efficient in generating financial reports, as compared to us adopting the manual accounting method. This accounting software complies with Singapore’s tax obligations and fulfil IRAS technique requirements, which is the basic thing that we were looking for in our choice of software. Errors are also largely minimized due to the highly accurate nature of the software. This software is extremely user friendly because after data is input, reports are generated quickly just with the click of a button. The layout is very pleasing to the eye as well. The best thing is that anyone can learn how to use this software and not just people trained in accounting.

business accounting


The features that we found were very useful were that transactions were easily traceable, as compared to paper trails where it requires time and effort to dig up past transactions. Multiple documents can be combined into one document if the customer happens to have multiple delivery orders. One sales invoice can be generated quickly for them, which increases convenience for our customers as well. Multi-currency transactions are not a hassle anymore as well, as the KIS software automatically calculates exchange rate differences in accounts payable and accounts receivable. To add on, printing of invoices can also be customized to our client’s liking, which helps us cater to our clients’ and our needs even further.

Kingdee KIS Business V2.1 has improved many business processes in our company. For example, it reduces the time taken to generate financial reports manually. Keeping our accounts manually takes more effort and physical space to keep track of paper documents, to find information and to keep details secured. We are more productive and can use the time saved on generating these reports elsewhere. Less people are required to do overtime because this software generates reports instantly after data is input by the users as well, which reduces the stress of the workers in the company. We used to have a problem keeping our documents in proper order, as well as not having sufficient time to record our accounts in order since our volume of transactions is increasing day after day. Having everything on the computer helps us locate our documents easily even though we have many transactions a day. This also helps us keep our office tidier without so many paper trails lying around.

Not only did Reach Technologies give us a reliable and professional accounting system, they also shared with us their experiences about the compliance of GST reporting to the government. As we are a relatively new start-up company, we are not experienced in the submission of the relevant documents to governing bodies. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to receive guidance and information from Reach Tech even though it was knowledge outside the accounting system. The service they provide is above and beyond their scope of service, which is fantastic! The consultants are patient when they provide training to us and are knowledgeable about the accounting processes that we are supposed to follow. They were able to answer the many queries that we had. We will definitely introduce this easy-to-use and certified accounting software to companies who are looking for a new accounting system!

Success Story of Teck Seng Group

Teck SengA Singapore-based SME with a strong local presence of more than70 years

“I am very happy with the results of Kingdee’s K/3 ERP System. I should say that my decision to purchase this software has been a good one. Besides, Kingdee’s servicing team did an excellent job all the way from implementation, down to staging and finally the kickstart!” says  Mr Lim Kwong Ling, Managing Director of Teck Seng Group.

Industry: Bicycle/motor parts accessories; stickers

Solution: Kingdee K/3 Finance & Supply Chain Management System (SCM)


Teck Seng Group is a local family business that is thriving and expanding, yet maintaining its Chinese speaking working environment. Kingdee’s K/3 solution has helped the business to be more agile and flexible to face the challenges of a competitive market.

Due to its rootedness in family business traditions, the company is in need of an operational revamp while maintaining the family teamwork.

To keep the company competitive, management needs to seek ways of expanding its customer pie in the sticker business to include more countries in Asia as well as Australia. With the increased logistics and number of staff, it is thus imperative for the company to seek efficient ways to curb increasing operating costs, thereby increasing ROI.

To achieve these purposes, the management realises its need for a more advanced solution than its current system to support its financial accounting and expanding logistics operation.

There were a few considerations for the new software selection:

(i)     As the company is rapidly expanding and in urgent need of tracking a growing number of customers against its growing product line, it is crucial that the software is flexible, accurate and user-friendly enough to be able to quickly generate relevant, updated reports for management’s quick decision-making.

(ii)   As the majority of the staff is Chinese speaking, it makes perfect sense for the management to look for a software with Chinese GUI and functions.

The Kingdee Solution:

“We can see that China is an up-and-rising superpower. For an expanding company, there is rarely a business transaction that does not involve China in any way. So, I consider it sensible for a company to invest in a software with Mandarin functions. Besides, I see no issues with using a Chinese software. China’s economic reputation is on the rise, so is their standards in technology,” says  Mr Lim Kwong Ling, Managing Director of Teck Seng Group.

Solution to Teck Seng Group’s requirement was the Kingdee K/3 ERP system. The solution encompass the K/3’s Finance and Supply Chain modules. Teck Seng’s management was happy as the modules met their operational requirements where, the Finance module includes the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Report Writer and Cash functions, while the Supply Chain module includes the functions of Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Inventory Accounting. Apart from being comprehensive, the system’s flexibility allows for quick and precise generation of reporting, thus helping management to make timely, accurate decisions.

Besides the comprehensive functions, the system also supports three system interface languages in English and both Traditional and Simplified Mandarin, thus enabling a perfectly synergized communication between the company’s internal departments.

Besides the quality of the software, Teck Seng group was also further delighted with the implementation, training and technical support from the team. The dedicated project team managed to provide the reassurance to Teck Seng’s management with their fast and accurate support from the beginning till close of project.


“We are extremely satisfied with the efficiency of this system! This is especially so with the reports produced, as we are able to easily pull out data and generate reports on short notice whenever requested by management for their meetings,” says Ms Li Jun, a long-time employee of Teck Seng Group.

With the help of Kingdee’s K/3 ERP System, the company has also been able to increase its productivity as operations become smoother with better streamlining of processes. This is especially as the said system integrates very well into the industry.

With the advanced yet user-friendly K/3 inventory system, employees are now able to efficiently answer customer queries. This is because despite the many product categories, the software’s booking system allows for easy tracking of all items, especially popular items and when an order for replenishment has to be made. Besides these, tidying up of inventory and pricing details has never been easier.