BellaDati Business Intelligence


BellaDati is a business intelligence (BI) and data analytics software that processes data with advanced tools (BellaDati Analytics Framework) to reveal meaningful information. It offers BI solutions that consist of clearly arranged dashboards combined with a tool to create presentations of up-to-date results. You will be able to analyze company economical data, market and customer trends by using the data sources of the web or get data from local databases with a mouse click.

Analytics Framework

Big Data is characterized by huge quantity of data with varying type and nature, required to be generated and processed rapidly, huge variability of data leading to inconsistency of data set, and quality of acquired data can vary greatly. The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items – embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Big Data and the IoT work in conjunction. The IoT, with the help of Big Data, transforms industries and companies to growth and competitiveness.

Internet of Things (IoT) Framework

BellaDati is well-suited for modern enterprises with its connectors to Big Data (e.g. Hadoop) and IoT Framework. Additionally, it has machine learning (AI) functionality to perform predictive analysis and crunch numbers using complex algorithms.

Advantages of BellaDati

  • Ad-hoc analysis with intensive filtering and formulas

  • Dashboards with multimedia, tables and graphs

  • Data connectors on databases, xls, Google spreadsheets etc.

  • Data visualization

  •  Interactive dashboards without coding

  • Intuitive data warehouse

  • Monitoring of existing KPIs and development of new

  • Real-time information and notifications

  • Pivot tables and graphs

  • Secure sharing and collaboration

Integrate desired features or complete BI

Embed all report features like KPI filtering, drill-downs or complete visualization engine and multidimensional cube features into your SaaS or on-premise application.



BellaDati is the complete pure web agile BI application that can cater to modern business needs – dashboards, reports, analytics for SME and scalable for enterprise, web-based, mobile clients, collaboration platform, on Cloud (Amazon Web Services) or On-premise. Its ability to upload from and join with a wide of available data connectors allows you to create reports with depth in analysis and breath of data sources. With a web browser, users can be authorized to access data and collaborate over different time zones and geographical locations.

The BI is fairly easy to learn and in a short time, you can build business dashboards and reports for management reporting. Features include drill down, filter, build charts and tables, GEO reports with detailed maps, and define alerts for critical values in those reports. Users are not limited by the existing platform because it also allows customization using APIs and BellaDati extensions, and data transformation by using scripts.


BellaDati has a broad range of analytics app for your job role and industry. Spend less time coding and more time producing insights. The platform can be standalone, integrated or embedded into your familiar system however diverse they are, and BellaDati has over 100 DB connectors to access your important data for analysis work.

To see how BellaDati can be implemented for different industries, see the product demos on If you cannot find a suitable demo for your need, contact us for a discussion. We will be glad to send you relevant demos and even arrange for a customized demo.


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