IRAS Accounting Software Register Compliant

Reach Technologies Complied with IRAS Accounting Software Requirements

Reach Technologies Pte Ltd is proud to announce that their software are compliant with the latest IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority Singapore) requirement.

The Company’s accounting software and ERP software are approved by IRAS from 1st March 2014 to 28th February 2015. They are listed  in the IRAS’ Accounting Software Register. (See serial number 19 of the list)

Their three software are:
•    Kingdee KIS Accounting Version 2.1,
•    Kingdee KIS Business Software Version 2.1, and
•    Kingdee K/3 ERP Version 12.2.0

The details of the requirements are spelt out in ‘The Guide on Accounting Software for Software Developers’ at,

Why is it important to select an IRAS approved solution provider like Reach Technologies?

It is a REQUIREMENT to use accounting software accredited by IRAS for tax declaration so that IRAS is able to audit the GST submission.

If you are an SME seeking fund from IDA for your IT or ERP projects, it is important to note that IDA only approve for software that are registered with IRAS.

IDA said that “with effect from 1 April 2014, accounting and finance related modules that are part of a bigger solution that are not listed in IRAS’ Accounting Software Register will not be supported under iSPRINT.”

Kingdee software is able to produce the IAF text file (IAF stands for IRAS Audit File) which is required by IRAS. The IAF is an electronic file that IRAS request from businesses for the purpose of audit.

With Kingdee software, submission of your GST and tax declaration to IRAS is easy, accurate, and time-saving.  No more worries about compliance or whether the tax returns are prepared correctly.

Kingdee KIS Accounting is a professional accounting software. It is different from traditional accounting software, which only focuses on account entries.

K/3 ERP, the best cross-border, multilingual ERP system, is ideal for fast-developing Singapore local and multinational companies with a footprint in both Overseas and Mainland China.

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