Jedox – A Vital Business Intelligence Tool in Singapore and Beyond

Companies in Singapore depend heavily on business intelligence tools to gather, analyze, modify, and report data. With a business intelligence tool, such as Jedox, you gain insights into customer behavior that help you make informed decisions.

Jedox enhances your company’s visibility, improves efficiency, and transforms data into actionable information. With this tool, decision-making processes improve across all levels of management and both strategic and tactical management processes change dramatically.


Jedox is a client-server software program that helps create Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (BI and CPM) solutions for the systematic analysis, planning, and reporting of data. Jedox offers a cell-oriented and multidimensional in-memory OLAP server.
Jedox Business Analysis bridges the gap between Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management and pushes beyond data mining by thoroughly analyzing historical, actual, and future data used for planning and forecasting.
Jedox is the most powerful business intelligence tool in Singapore. With Jedox, you will benefit from a streamlined process of data analysis, planning, and reporting that will help you make better-informed decisions for your business.

BI and CPM

With Jedox, you will gain tremendous insight into your business. This program offers enhanced team accountability, powerful driver-based planning, and the consolidation of multiple applications for planning and reporting. For business users, Jedox offers intuitive write-back, streamlining every business process responsible for capturing, calculating, and presenting data . In addition, Jedox leverages the familiarity of Microsoft Office, making it easy for users to utilize Excel spreadsheets. As an industry-leading innovator, Jedox provides a cost-efficient solution due to a flexible licensing model, low internal maintenance, and fast implementation.

Jedox Components

  • OLAP Server – Memory-based, multidimensional real-time server that administers statistical or economic data stocks

  • Excel Add-in – Used for communication between the Jedox OLAP database and Excel front-end with the capability of linking any number of workspaces online

  • Web Client – Accesses central data located in the OLAP database from a browser, allowing local reports to be converted into server-based applications

  • GPU Module – Analyzes company data by using both computing power and memory of Nvidia Tesla graphical processors

  • GPU Module – Analyzes company data by using both computing power and memory of Nvidia Tesla graphical processors

  • Extraction Tool – Extraction tool load (ETL) imports data automatically

  • SAP Interface – Additional interface designed specifically for SAP environments

  • ODBO XMLA Interface – Complementary component used by all ODBO-enabled Windows clients

  • Mobility – Allows both access to the central OLAP database and software functionality

Awards or Certification

  • “Cool Vendor” award presented by Gartner: This award focuses on success in digital business and innovative solutions. Jedox was honored for exploiting digitization and the Internet of Things.
  • IT innovation prize at CEBIT: Honoring good usability and superior design, this award is presented with the goal of making digital solutions more user-friendly and functional.
  • Number 1 on Gleansight BI report: This business intelligence benchmark report marks top-performing organizations that have maximized return on investment.
  • Production Intelligence Funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to advance data-driven optimization on complex manufacturing processes.

Jedox was founded in 2002 by Kristian Raue, who also successfully established Intellicube Software and Graphitti Software. As stated by a business user, “Jedox completely changed the way my company collects, analyzes, and reports data. Each component is worth its weight in gold, having enhanced productivity but also overall success of my business.


Long prized as a business intelligence tool in Singapore and other countries, Jedox announced a U.S. business expansion and recently signed new contracts with two publically listed companies.
A new Jedox, Inc. subsidiary located in Boston, Massachusetts, is driving its international expansion. Jedox now serves 127 countries and more than 1,700 companies throughout the world.

The Bottom Line

Jedox will empower you. With the implementation of Business Intelligence, barriers are reduced so data can be transformed into valuable corporate insights. To take your company to the next level, Jedox is essential.

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