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Welcome to the world of technology where thick encyclopedias and dictionaries are a thing of the past, along with T-Rex and woolly mammoth. Accounting function has caught up with times as well. If you are using Excel or worse yet, manual paper work to determine how much you made this month or to send an invoice to your customers, its time to re-evaluate your options.

Accounting can now be done simply, conveniently and easily with just a few clicks on the mouse. One of the best software for that purpose that has already been widely adopted by more than 1 million businesses worldwide is Kingdee KIS accounting software.

There are 2 primary Kingdee KIS solutions – Kingdee KIS Accounting and Kingdee KIS Business (Latest International V2.1)

Kingdee KIS® Accounting is a professional accounting software. It is different from traditional accounting software, which only focuses on account entries.

It operates on business drives finance management concept, helps handle high liquidity assets such as cash, inventory and receivables, process tax in transactions, and provides comprehensive accounting process and reports.

It helps accountants to improve from simple accounting to comprehensive financial and operation management.

Kingdee KIS® Business is a comprehensive business management system.

It provides one-stop solution integrating accounting system features, purchase, sales and inventory, and provides full workflow management of business.

It helps enterprises to manage their business from quotation, order to receipt and payment.

It helps SMEs easily manage their business and allocate more resources for exploring more business opportunities.

Accounting System Function Features

1. English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese interface during login instead of installation, easy to switch for cross-border application.

2. Supports multiple currency transactions, easy and smart handling of global business transactions.

3. Simple interface, clear and easy to use.

4. Fully supports international business environment.

5. Comprehensive business management software, including Accounting & Supply Chain Management. A one-stop business management tool for SMEs.

6. Supports customized settings, voucher and cheque printing.

Minimum System Requirement

Recommended System Configuration

      •  Pentium processor (or equivalent) @ 1GHz, with at least 1GB RAM, or better
      • 1.5GB free hard disk space for program installation
      • 1GB additional disk space for each company file
      • 1024 x 768 screen resolution with 16-bit color or better

Software Required for Integration /Compatibility:

      •  Windows® XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2008R2 (32 or 64 bit)
      •  Internet Explorer V6.0 or later
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or later


      •  Internet connection for product registration and auto update

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