Vega Project Pte. Ltd.

vega“This was a big leap from doing manual accounting, because it really helped us in handling our year end accounts and audits more efficiently as well as generate the quarterly GST submission in a shorter period of time as compared to when we were not using the software.”

By Member of Vega Project

3E Concept Pte. Ltd.

3econcept“This software is extremely user friendly because after data is input, reports are generated quickly just with the click of a button. The layout is very pleasing to the eye as well. The best thing is that anyone can learn how to use this software and not just people trained in accounting. Service rendered by Reach Tech consultantsare above and beyond their scope of service, which is fantastic!”

By Mr. Low Guing Siang (Director)

Teck Seng Group

Testimonial - Teck Seng

“I am very happy with the results of Kingdee’s K/3 ERP System. I should say that my decision to purchase this software has been a good one. Besides, Kingdee’s servicing team did an excellent job all the way from implementation, down to staging and finally the kickstart!” .

Mr Lim Kwong Ling (Managing Director)

Pan Sun Hardware Pte Ltd

Pan Sun Hardware Pte Ltd Logo

“Through Kingdee K/3 ERP, we were guaranteed to gain rapid investment returns and embrace a technical platform connected amongst our offices. Our communication becomes easier between different locations to perform a unified operation. Kingdee brings us magnificent technical supports and services.”

Mary Tay (General Manager)

MetallKraft Singapore Pte Ltd


“We’re very happy with the Kingdee solution, both from the standpoint of the project implementation and in terms of the quality of the system and solution for our business environment. We will strongly consider implementing Kingdee at our China operations at some point in future.”

Mr. Eric Esser (Managing Director)