5 Dangers of Free Accounting Software that Every Business Person Should Know

5 Dangers of Free Accounting Software that Every Business Person Should Know

It sounds good when there’s free accounting software available on the Internet. If you can save some precious dollars, why not, right? Some of this free accounting software comes with an impressive list of features and functions that convince you to download them without any cost.

You may even be led to believe that they are as good as the paid ones. But before you conclude that free accounting software fulfils your business and account needs, we thought we should first, warn you of the dangers of using them.

1. Are They Really Free?

Yes, it’s a big question! Most people search in the internet for free accounting software and download the best one among the hundreds. But they get a big shock after installing the software. It asks to purchase the full version paying the amount mentioned there. Else you’ll be able to use the software only for a few days and then it’ll stop responding. In fact this is a trick used by the unpopular software companies to trap people.

2. Are They Powerful Enough?

No matter how big your organization is, you need a powerful accounting system that can provide you quick and perfect accounts. But, most of the free software are developed by some small companies who never invest much time or effort to make these software powerful enough. They just follow the basic logics of accounts and hardly they perform any thorough testing even. It can be highly dangerous for any company in the long run and when you’ll come to know the drawback, you may not get any chance to rollback.

3. Are They Reliable?

It’s a big question until you have any feedback from a user. There are many software, even the paid ones, that may not be reliable enough. They can crash any moment or may give you a wrong outcome that often may be difficult even to identify, as hardly you’ll manually calculate the result when you already have a software. In addition, in case of these free accounting software, you may be misguided by the fake feedbacks given by some fake users. So, it’s always suggested not to go for these free software; rather pay some dollars and purchase a genuine software from a reputed company – you’ll save much time and money in the long run.

4. Are They Safe?

Here is another shock waiting for you. Many ill-minded software developers use these software as a spyware. They inject the spyware in the backbone of the software. So that people keep it installed in their system as a useful software, while the spyware will transfer all your personal information to some unknown address. However, it may not be applicable for all the free accounting software. But who knows, the free software you have installed is not that one?

5. And Support?

No chance! At least we haven’t heard ever if any free accounting software provider offer any support. All the free accounting software are just use-and-through type. Download the software, install and use. There is no one to help you out if you face any problem. But, if you go for any paid accounting software, you’ll always get full support from the provider that is very important.

It Pays to Invest

So, it is highly recommended not to use any free accounting software, unless you don’t care about the future and invest a few bucks to get a genuine software.

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